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Acute care/critical care

The Acute Care and Critical Care units at West Park Hospital are patient-focused, family-friendly units where care is provided for acutely ill medical, surgical, pediatric, and psychiatric patients of all ages.

Our highly qualified personnel – including physicians, nurses, nursing assistants, visual observation staff, and unit clerks – work as a team to ensure that we are giving the best possible care and that we are meeting the needs of the patient and family.  Our staff members perform a wide variety of duties, frequently coordinating with other departments and health care providers, such as our 24-hour Hospitalist service, to fulfill the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial needs of the patient.

Families are encouraged to participate and become involved in the care of the patient, both in the hospital and after the patient is discharged home.  We talk with patients and families about their hospital stay and about what to expect afterwards, providing education about medications, side effects, safe mobility, diet restrictions, physician follow-up appointments, signs and symptoms to report, and many other issues.  We also have a nice, big family waiting area, with children’s game and activities, internet access, and comfortable furniture for relaxing.

The staff members of the Acute Care and Critical Care units embrace the principles of the Planetree philosophy to provide you with the safety, comfort, and care you need to feel at home while you are here.

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Acute Care/Critical Care
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