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Success stories

What some of our patients have to say:

My stay at CMC was welcoming and comfortable. All staff was compassionate and the work was set up very thoughtfully and focused. Many past clients I know are still sober.

This program is a great program. It has really helped me to be able to start a strong recovery. I would recommend this program to anyone who has an addiction. The staff was great: they treated me good. I learned a lot from the program that I believe will help keep me sober. The counselors have a lot of knowledge and were also very helpful, and I am thankful to be given the opportunity to be here.

My stay at CMC was awesome, thank you so much—this was like family and the most stability I have had in a long time. I will recommend CMC to others because it saved my life and I know some people who it could also save their lives.

My stay at CMC was nice. It was fun to go on field trips and to parks. I think it is a good place if you want help. It definitely helps to look at things and see what your needs are.

I had a very comfortable stay. I gained much knowledge. It was very rewarding and the staff were very nice. I am confident that with everything I have learned about my addiction here, it will give me the foundation I need to practice life-long recovery.

CMC was helpful for me and I would definitely recommend it to others. Although it was very hard, I have learned a lot from the program. Now that I have tools and ways of handling things during my recovery, I will be much more productive with my life.

To the entire staff at CMC: I came in here like a bull in a china shop! That is so like me, you know, that addictive behavior. I just want to thank all of you. You made my transition bearable. I also want you all to know you have a place in my heart and I will think of you all every day in my new life of sobriety.

I will recommend CMC to others because it is a great place for recovery and it's helped me greatly. My stay was great under the circumstances, and my counselor was there for me when I needed him. I think he did his job very well, and the other counselors were great too. The rest of the staff was awesome!

CMC has excellent, caring and dedicated counselors and UCs who do a terrific job at a difficult job. I found the psychiatrist to be one of the best I have had, and I have seen numerous psychiatrists and therapists.

My stay at CMC was great. I learned about myself and how to treat my problems and issues. They made accommodations that I asked for and went to the extreme for me. I appreciated all the help.

CMC was a great experience. It has really helped me and my family to understand the disease that I have and helped me to strengthen my marriage. It saved my life and put me on the right path to staying clean and sober.

CMC was very helpful in helping me with my co-occurring disorder. The staff was very friendly. There was a genuine caring atmosphere. The field trips and therapeutic activities were fun and educational.

I am on kidney dialysis and came from Seattle because I could do treatment while continuing to receive dialysis, since CMC is connected to West Park Hospital. All the staff go above [and] beyond. The smaller groups allowed for quicker and earlier group interaction and trust being built sooner than the other treatment centers.

The staff at CMC came to me without judging me, with real compassion—and they won me over. They taught me not only how to stay sober, but also how to live, how to be honest and how to communicate with people. During my stay, I recovered my dignity and realized my value lies within. If you want sobriety and if you're willing, they will meet you halfway and help believe in yourself again.

My stay at CMC was a very helpful month for my future. The busy schedule and three square meals a day put me in a good rhythm and helped me stay busy and healthy on a daily basis. My inner, psychological problems were also addressed, and the counselors helped me identify areas in which I need help and advice. You won't find a better level of professionalism and comfort in any other facility. The staff is also very compassionate and helpful. The care of CMC doesn't end when you check out. There is always someone to talk to if you need to.

I found my stay to be very helpful and beneficial for my sobriety. I've found many positive things about myself as well. The tools I've acquired from this program give me a great sense of hope for a sober and productive life. I would definitely recommend this program to others who suffer from alcoholism and addiction. This program made me see who I was and who I can be. I am not proud of my past, but this program taught me I have a future and let me see that life is so much better if I work to stay sober.

I would recommend CMC to other addicts. I think if they are serious about getting sober, CMC would definitely be a place for them to go. Not only would they learn a lot about themselves, but they will learn about their peers and realize they aren't the only ones with a problem.

I was fed well, my room was clean and comfortable, the staff were respectful of my needs, and I felt safe and secure sharing intimate details about my life for my recovery. I felt secure and was given the opportunity to learn much about myself and the 12-step recovery program with a very caring staff who worked hard for my benefit.

I enjoyed it and learned a lot. I will recommend CMC to others because it was very educational. Family week was really worth it.

If you or someone you love could benefit from joining us for recovery, please do not hesitate to call us.

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