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Long Term Care Center

West Park Long Term Care Center (LTCC) is a skilled nursing facility fully licensed by the Wyoming Department of Health to provide skilled, intermediate, rehabilitation, custodial, respite and hospice care. Certified by Medicare and Medicaid.

A full range of clinical services, including physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy; x-ray; laboratory; and pharmacy; is readily accessible through West Park Hospital (WPH). Professional staff, including registered and licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants, is on duty 24 hours a day. Residents are also seen regularly by their personal physician.

A wide variety of entertaining and stimulating activities is provided. A small, lovely chapel provides several denominational and nondenominational services each week. An on-site beauty shop is also available. A secured unit is available for residents with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias. This beautiful, modern, smoke-free facility has a focus on patient-centered care consistent with the Planetree philosophy.

Our residents' families are an extremely important aspect of our care model. We encourage and support family members to visit and participate in the daily lives of our residents. Compassionate care is provided and individual dignity is promoted. We strive for a homelike environment whenever possible, providing:

  • Personalized, compassionate nursing care by committed health care professionals
  • Access to the full array of WPH clinical services
  • A WPH credentialed physician who sees the resident on a regular basis

An application for residency is available from the LTCC office or by mail if requested. All residents considering admission are required to have a primary care physician with privileges at WPH who agrees to manage the resident's medical care during his or her stay at the LTCC.

Special Care Unit

A television hums softly in the corner. A staff member plays cribbage with a patient at the other end of the room. The smell of baking cookies lingers throughout. The atmosphere of the 20-bed Special Care Unit (SCU) at West Park Hospital's LTCC is relaxed and inviting.

The dementia SCU is for Alzheimer's and other dementia patients. Some of the patients have special needs due to loss of memory and need a smaller, quieter environment. Patient safety is always a high priority, and this unit is secured to ensure the safety of those who might have a tendency to wander or get lost.

Family members have a separate entrance for their convenience and can visit at any time. Residents are also assisted in attending activities and special functions outside of the SCU with their families and with staff. Family members are an integral part of the special care provided for these patients.

The staff truly enjoys working in this unit. We keep consistent staff members in the unit so there are always familiar faces to the patients. The staff has developed a scrapbook with information and history of each SCU patient. This helps in giving quality care, because they use something called validation therapy, which relies on becoming a part of the patient's reality.

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