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Mission statement

West Park Hospital, as an excellent regional health care provider, will improve the health of the people by providing patient-centered care.

Professional development

Provide best patient care through:

  • The monitoring and implementation of evidence-based practice
  • Analyzing data received from patient satisfaction surveys
  • Taking action to improve patient services based on customer perceptions and recommendations

Clinical excellence

Provide high-quality care to our patients through:

  • Minimizing adverse outcomes for our patients
  • Continually improving the management of patient flow throughout the organization
  • Providing safe and timely care


Incorporate safety into all aspects of patient care to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients through the reduction of clinical errors.

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Nursing core measures

Our nursing core measures include:

  • Ensure patient safety
  • Use best practices
  • Monitor flow and efficiency
  • Provide quality customer service

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