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Spiritual counseling

Staff for West Park Hospital and Spirit Mountain Hospice.

Rev. Dr. Randy Leisey, Spiritual Counselor
rleisey@wphcody.org | randy.leisey@gmail.com
307.250.2149 (cell)
307.578.2506 (office)

Deacon Joseph Bush, Roman Catholic Church
307.250.5494 (cell)

Joe is one of our Hospice Volunteers who is interested in broader spiritual care duties. He visits patients daily in the Spirit Mountain Hospice House and our Long Term Care Center. He covers weekends and other times when the Spiritual Counselor is not available. 

Rev. Tommie Weiser, Living Fortress, Four Square
307.250.0555 (cell)
307.578.2786 (office)

Tommie visits patients in the Long Term Care Center.

Rev. Pat Montgomery, Cody Presbyterian Church
307.899.6191 (cell)
307.587.2649 (office)

Pat is also a volunteer spiritual counselor who has provided spiritual care for all of his years in Cody, Wyoming. 

Deacon Richard Moser, Roman Catholic Church
307.899.3251 (cell)

Rick is a WPH Hospice Volunteer who is available for end-of-life spiritual care for Roman Catholic patients (and others).

Deacon Gerald D. Boydston, Roman Catholic Church
307.899.7760 (cell)

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