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You may have a lot of questions around COVID-19. Here you will find resources to help you navigate through this pandemic.

You will find up-to-date information on this page about COVID Testing Information, visiting information, the COVID-19 vaccine, how we are keeping you safe, and how you can help.

At Cody Regional Health we have always and will always be dedicated to the patients we serve. We are struggling however. We have had to re-examine everything we know about patient care to face a virus previously unknown to man. More days than not we have covid patients in our care and many days we have more than our system is designed to handle. Like every hospital in the country, we don't have enough staff. We have notices from every surrounding state that they have no room for any Wyoming Covid positive patients. We have patients who do not have covid but need specialized care and can't transfer to a larger hospital because they are full.

There is a lot of information out there on national news and local social media, and unfortunately, a lot of misinformation. Much of this misinformation centers on simplistic answers, denying the existence of disease, ignoring changing and emerging research, presenting unsupported claims and cures, and misrepresenting data. Some demand that medical professionals have all the answers all of the time.

We don't have all the answers. But we also have a hospital full of very dedicated people working extremely hard every day to serve our patients who need our care, whether they are battling with Covid-19 or any other illness. As information regarding this disease changes and improves, we will continue to modify our recommendations, treatments and responses. We are tired but we are not backing down. We will continue to demand the best of ourselves and we need our community to stand behind us.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here to serve you.

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What Our Patients Have to Say
  • "My wife (Gerie Helton) and I traveled to Cody for our anniversary trip to Yellowstone National Park. On September 23, 2018 which would have been the first day of our trip she dislocated her left hip ( which had been replaced in 2009 0r 2010) while putting on her socks ( of all things.) We were staying at the Sunrise Motor Inn which fortunately was a short ambulance ride to your emergency room. The experience we had beginning with the EMT's who responded to the ambulance call, to the emergency room, and the next day on the second floor of your fine hospital is what ..."

    - Terry
  • "ER department went to great lengths to make this "out of towner" feel comfortable. Dr. Polley and Nurse Sarah were very professional and had a great bedside manner. It was my worst asthma attack and I felt very confident that I was getting top notch care."

    - Kelly
  • "Had to bring my daughter for a shoulder injury, on July 4th. I was thoroughly impressed. The staff was absolutely great, very friendly and compassionate. They took great care of my daughter and explained the diagnosis and discharge orders with great detail. I only wish our ER back home could be this professional. I know this is a smaller town and more tight knit, but this hospital/ER could set an example for the rest of the country. Thanks to the staff, physician and PA for the excellent care."

    - Chris
  • "I was a walk in patient on 5/29/18. I had been sick for several days while on a month long motorhome trip. The reception staff was friendly and efficient. I was seen quickly by the PA on duty, Robert Lang. He listened to me, did an exam, diagnosed my illness as acute bronchitis, and prescribed the necessary medication. I was feeling better in just a few days which enabled me to enjoy the remainder of my trip. I was sick and a long way from home so I really appreciated the excellent and friendly care that I received."

    - Bill